Beyond the sense of breaking 1 2009

Glass & Stone

These works show the willing to break the nature of material after entangled with form, and breaking the structure even in scale of a bulk Space in these works is ambiguous and disagree with   common habit, and in contrast
with defined features of material, liquid and galaxy of stars, unseen creature under sea and ground, It’s a way to see above from bottom and bottom from above It’s bulk is watch, not watching to dimension searching to see unseen things.
In my mind there is no contrast or opposite but flexibility and companion. Here, there is no defined structure and common view to material. Glass doesn’t have its nature I mean here,
glass is flexible and stone can’t make it break, glass as water is clear and crystalline asatmosphere is passing, here, glass instead of being fragile is endless tensile.
Stone in this space is liquid , flowing, dangling and some time is breaks. Its space is eternal  and limitless and ambiguous in stay.

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