Pure Innocence 2016

 It was a difficult decision to leave all I had behind and migrate. It was hard to leave my motherland, a place I knew well with all familiar faces, and migrate to an unknown world, where there is nothing familiar. But I wanted to do it seriously that I felt compelled to pack and go. 
I knew that I had a hazardous road before me, but my dreams were far stronger than any obstacle disuading me from this decision. I packed my suit case and made sure not to leave anything behind, particularly my dreams! I'm not sure if it was just a wishful thinking about a bright future or some assurance of a kind. All I remember is that I saw nothing but open roads and sunshine ahead of me.  
I finally made the choice, and my dreams carried me along. I fulfilled a good part of these dreams. I achieved success, but little I knew that "Immigration" by itself would stay besides me like a shadow of a third person forever!


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